Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing

The Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing process is a powerful and profound combination which works with Spirit, Energetic Alchemy, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and NLP to create the most unique and pure wave of healing throughout an entire bloodline.

Experiences of traumas, patterns of abuse, limitations around love and money all travel down the generations via the DNA as cellular memory. So do Negative emotions and limiting beliefs systems. We are born with cellular memory of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents up to 11 generations back, possibly more.

Patterns which run through the generations can be quite strong. Say for example abuse is the pattern, then depending on the rest of our genetic makeup, we may either experience the fear of anxiety of that abuse, (spite never being abused ourselves), attracting people to re-enact that pattern of abuse, keeping us locked in as a victim, or we may even go on to re-enact that abuse cycle gain being triggered into doing unthinkable things.

We see patterns travelling down through the generations of things like:





Limiting belief systems (around weight gain or financial limitations).

This can lead to seeing multiple family members ending up with the same physical disease.

Dr Bruce Lipton, famous for his study of Epigentics has discovered only about 3 % of genetic disease and disorders are in fact genetic and there is nothing you can do about it. The rest is the result ” Biology of Belief” or in other words our belief systems created both from our internal and external environments. Therefore our DNA does not need to be our Destiny.

How it works –

We call in the Spirit of the clients Ancestors and the Higher Self Aspects of all current Family to perform a massive removal of all negative emotions, limiting beliefs, oppression, suppression and repression, negative energies, entities, ancient spells, curses and hexes – and so much more!

Using the Principles of Timeline Therapy, NLP and a Hypnotic Trance the client is then transported back to Conception where we start to energetically repair the DNA, whilst reprogramming the unconscious mind with all the positive emotions, traits, beliefs and learnings they need for success!

This process really is such a work of art. It is birthed from a place of great understanding of the Sciences and Principles of a combination of many different powerful modalities. It has been handed over with huge spiritual back up and it is pure Magic in motion.

This means we are healing your lineage upwards, downwards, and sideways.

To ensure that the space is kept safe we open the circle by calling in the directions, the elements, archangels and any other guides who wish to assist with the healing that is about to take place.

The facilitator will explain the process, we will then discuss anything that you would like to release while going through the process.

You will then be taking into a talking trance as your unconscious and higher self will be given over the answers that you have been searching for.

A mass removal of limiting beliefs, traumas, negative emotions, old pains, issues that have been passed down generation after generation, and much more. And the best part is that we don’t need to know what the trauma is we are just handing it over to be released.

The Sacred Ancestral Clearing and DNA Healing is full of light, love, and protection and performed in ‘True Faith’. Activating and opening everyone's Heart Chakras to bring more love, peace, connection, and inner knowing.

When we have finished healing your bloodline lineage, we move onto the unconscious work where we travel back to conception, re-designing your DNA energetically as well as in the unconscious mind.

While the DNA is being repaired we then travel up to your higher self, allowing all your inner knowing to filter through.

You will be astounded at not only how easily the information flows, the beautiful gifts you will receive and the remembering of your inner knowing.

Your unconscious & higher self, have all the answers you need to live your ultimate life, skillful questioning will unlock all your knowing, via Unconscious Talking Trance, to literally unravel all your problems and the answers to dissolve them.

This process is a true gift to yourself as you experience the most amazing family reunion.


2 hour process : 1:1 online via zoom / or in person at clinics


Group session

+online Mini Groups $88.00

+Face to face workshops mini retreats $111.00

4-6 people- Allow 3- 3.5 hours

You can do this process once or as many times as you would like. Like other healing sessions/ processes, we go deeper and deeper as we pull back the layers that need exposing, releasing, defusing and healing. You may wish to do this process individually or with a group to have a collective process and sharing and offering too.

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