Sacred Starlight Temples

The Temple Immersion Journey provides powerful soul medicine for anyone waking up and feeling called to access the new earth frequencies, grids and energies through a profoundly powerful, thorough, deeply loving and healing journey with the 13 Sacred Starlight Temples.

You will be held in a loving, pristine, safe and grounded container for spiritual evolution and experience divine revelations, accelerated growth and new opportunities, clear guidance and excellent support to evolve and tap into your Soul Gifts with the Sacred Starlight Temples, The Master Alchemists of Andromeda, The Ascended Masters listed on the pages below and the Elohim to:

· Raise your Frequency

· Activate your Master Codes

· Activate your Star Seed DNA

· Celebrate your power

· Upgrade your Nervous System to easily align to the new earth frequencies

and accelerate your evolution.

· Embody the love and light you are

· Experience profound Multidimensional Healing

· Activate your Source Codes to access your collective Soul power

· Unlock your Soul Gifts

· Activate your Soul Purpose and Soul Mission

· Step into flow, ease, and joy

· Clear outdated beliefs, wounding, and blocks

You will connect to, clear, and elevate the frequency of your:

· Your Crystalline Core

· Your Light Body / Spiritual Body

· Your Priestess / Priest Body

· Your Starseed DNA

· Your Human DNA

· Your Mental / Mystic Body

· Your Psychic / Intuitive Body

· Your Shadow / Wisdom Body

· Your Physical body

· Your Emotional Body

· Your Sexual Body

· Your Celestial Body

· Your Soul Body

· Your Unconscious

· Your Ego

· Your Masculine and Feminine

· Your Crystalline Core

During your journey you will also connect with and be guided, deeply held, nourished and supported by the following Ascended Masters:

The Master Alchemists of Andromeda

Goddess Gaia Kwan Yin

Isis Mother Mary

Mary Magdalene Master Serapis Bey

Sananda The Elohim

What exactly are the Temples?

The Temples are a combination of Sacred Geometry and electromagnetic energy field’s shared with us by The Master Alchemists of Andromeda used to activate your master Codes, elevate your frequency, upgrade your nervous system and align you to the clarity and healing energy of the new earth. See About The Master Alchemists of Andromeda page 9.

The bigger Picture of this Work

Your nervous system, physical and energy bodies need to be given the opportunity to fully align to your Highest Consciousness, absorb the higher frequencies flooding the earth at this time and support your opportunity for unprecedented evolution.

The connection points between your nervous system, your human and star seed DNA, your master codes and your heart centre are the key components needed to access the information and frequencies you require to fully receive the new earth frequencies, fulfil your Soul Purpose, and unlock the gifts you bought with you to be a light leader at this crucial time on earth.

When the many layers of your physical and energy bodies are well and aligned the strands of light that create a circuitry of spiritual intelligence are reinstated and a free flow of communication is established. This enables you to not only receive higher information, pure love and tap into a higher perspective but to also be able to digest, activate and embody that transmission and ground and root it into the here and now.

Who is this Journey for?

v This is for you if you have a strong knowing that you are ready to step into more of the love, light, power, and joy you are.

v You have a strong desire to tap into your innate and higher intelligence. Your entry point into expansive energy is through being assisted by Starseed, Earth based or Christ Conscious community – or if you’re like me – all three.

v You feel the new earth calling and you want a deep holding to allow the upgrade, repair and illumination required to continue raising your consciousness.

v Your nervous system, nadial system, Spirit and Lightbody just know it’s a big yes.

v You are ready to experience a higher-level energy and consciousness and want a stabilising and deeply grounded and loving container to support you to do so.

v You have some experience of self-care and working with high frequency energy

You don’t need to be familiar with the Temples to take the Immersion Journey.

You just need to feel aligned to what it offers.

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