Womb Magic

This process is a safe, deep, non-invasive process to help clear and heal the womb space.

Women carry fear, hurt, guilt, shame, anger, sadness and more inside their womb space from this lifetime, genetically and lifetimes past. We can hold our own stagnant negative, repressed or unhealed emotions/energy or those that we are connected with.

Helping women connect with their inner feminine, pleasure and heal and clear - toxic relationships, sexual abuse, birth trauma, pregnancy loss, energetic blocks and more...

There are lots of studies proving the correlation between stuck energy, unhealed emotions can manifest as physical ailments/illnesses in the body.

This beautiful process allows a conversation with the unconscious mind to help you heal, release and move forward from all that is limiting you in life.

In this process we work with what is present. We allow what is ready to be healed and work within the framework so as to avoid “digging” for trauma.

The practitioner will take you into a light trance and use breathwork to get the participant to connect on a deep level with their womb space.

This process is for ALL women and even if you have had any of your womb area removed the process works with the energetic part that still remains and this is what we clear.

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